Our Tuition Policy

We have long acknowledged that the path which leads a child and family to a Waldorf school, and the acceptance of a child into the class by the teacher, is a spiritual activity. In an attempt to work out of the original impulse of Waldorf education, we have adopted a Tuition Policy and developed a Tuition Assistance Program to serve our low-income families.

Tuition contributions are our primary source of operating revenue, and standard tuition contribution rates are set each year at a level which will ensure a balanced operating budget and financial sustainability for the school. We expect that Waldorf education is high on each enrolled family’s list of financial priorities, and that each family will work hard to meet the standard contribution rate before applying for tuition assistance. We expect that adult family members shall be employed to the fullest extent possible; that discretionary expense items such as travel and extracurricular activities will be suspended if necessary; and that additional resources such as family assets or contributions from extended family and friends will be considered.

Tuition Rates for 2018-2019 School Year

Below are listed our annual tuition rates for the delivery of a Waldorf education in each age group.  The annual costs may be divided up into 10 monthly payments from July through April, or payment in full at time of enrollment with the benefit of a 3% discount.  Tuition payment plans are selected at the time of enrollment via our online enrollment process.  Tuition rates are as follows, with the monthly payment according to a 10 month payment plan.

Early Childhood Program (2 days, Thursday & Friday):  $345/month or $3,446/year

Early Childhood Program (3 days, Monday-Wednesday):  $504/month or $5,044/year

*Early Childhood program (4 days per week):  $669/month or $6,692/year

Early Childhood Program (5 days per week):  $829/month or $8,290/year

Grades 1 -3:  $1,008/month or $10,082/year

Grades 4-7:  $1,047month or $10,469/year


Above tuition amounts are all inclusive.  Tuition will be prorated for mid-year enrollments.

* Limited spots for 3 year old students in Red Rose and White Rose classes only.


Sibling Discounts

Discounts are available for siblings enrolled in the school under the same Tuition Agreement. The percentages are as follows:

First student: Full tuition

Second student: 10% discount

Three or more students: 40% discount


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