Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

Need-based assistance is available to low-income families who, after careful consideration of their financial resources and priorities, are not able to contribute the full tuition amount. Click the links below to see the TAP brochure and apply for aid through our third-party processor, TADS. 

To be able to apply for TAP, you will have gone through the full enrollment process and have a tuition contract in TADS.

The links below will take you directly to TADS.  From there, you will need to use your TADS generated login and password.  Depending on which option you selected, you will be directed to either the financial aid worksheet or the financial aid application.  From there, you will fill out your information online, and upload any additional documentation requested by TADS. 

Financial Aid Worksheet - A lot of people find the financial aid worksheet useful because it helps you gather the required information before you sit down to fill out the application online. The worksheet lets you know exactly what information TADS will require.

Click here to apply at

When you've prepared the worksheet and you're ready to fill out the online application, just click the link below, login, and follow the prompts or directions for submitting your financial aid application.  You will need your TADS login and password.

Click here to apply at

The financial aid application can also be printed and filled out by hand and turned in to the front office.