Board of Trustees

As a non-profit organization, the fiscal and legal responsibility of the Waldorf School of Mendocino County lies with the Board of Trustees.  However, the Board has many other functions as one of the school's three leadership spheres (along with Faculty and Administration).  The link at the bottom of this page provides comprehensive information about the work of our Board.



In our children lies the hope of humanity.

The Waldorf School of Mendocino County is dedicated to cultivating the capacities of each child through a developmentally respectful education, based on the insights of scientist, philosopher, artist and educator, Rudolph Steiner.


We seek to create a model of educational excellence that meets the academic requirement of each child while respecting his or her individuality, higher spiritual nature, and connection to the whole world.

We strive to develop as a community of conscious, caring adults, committed to human development and social awareness.

We determine to be a thriving center for learning, serving the needs of our diverse community and adhering to principals of ecological responsibility in our growth.

FAQs:  What does it take to be on the WSMC Board?

Jim logg- President

I was born and raised in Northern California and have lived in Ukiah for 17 years. I have worked in private industry from grocery stores to Silicon Valley startups all the way to large, established corporations. I have a B.S. in Business Administration that I completed while working full time. Although my degree is in business, I have been an artist, designer and builder since I was a child. I have always had a love of learning and continue to teach myself new skills. I currently work at a Ukiah e-commerce company and design/purchase/manage manufactured parts we sell through dealers and directly to end users. My daughter is in Class 2/3 after being in WSMC Kindergarten for two years.  

While looking for ways to volunteer at WSMC, I was invited to sit in on a board meeting to see if it would be something I might be interested in. After a couple of meetings, I felt I could use my small business experience and entrepreneurial spirit to help the school. I also enjoy problem-solving and am willing to help find creative ways to help the school succeed, not only for my daughter, but for generations to come.

I like serving on the Board because I really enjoy problem-solving in groups. While meeting with the other boards members, admin staff and faculty, I have a chance to listen, learn and give my input. We then have the opportunity to make decisions that can help our school both grow and thrive.


Jami O'Connor - At-Large

My name is Jami O'Connor and I have been on the board for about 2 years. We have been a part of the WSMC family for 9 years. My daughter Sophie started here when she was 4 in preschool. She is now at St. Mary's in the 7th grade (her wonderful class had to close last year). She had an amazing time here and has a great foundation of learning and being a very attentive student to take her in the rest of her life. My youngest daughter is in Ms. Austin's 5th/6th grade class. We really look forward to her graduating from this school! The reason why I joined the board was to know more about the decision making process and doing what I could to make sure this school thrives. I am also on the development committee and play a large part in the Enchanted Pumpkin Path and our annual gala. Professionally I have been practicing acupuncture/whole food consultantion on and off for the past 7 years.


Joseph Haggard - At-Large

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 8.41.13 AM.png

I grew up in Willits and one thing that has had a large impact on me from my childhood is living in a tipi with my mother and brother for 4 years while we built our house.  This created the foundation for my love of nature and solidified my enthusiasm for sustainable living.  For college, I attended UCSC and studied sustainable agriculture and green-building design with a focus in compost and compost heat recovery. I then completed the North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program (NABDAP) between 2014-2016 at Rudolf Steiner College and Sweetness Farm.  This started my work with my mother and brother at Sweetness Farm and Emerald Spirit Botanicals. 

I teach games at River Oak Charter School and am a consultant for biodynamic and organic agriculture.  I love my work because I get to connect with nature everyday and experience the changes of the seasons. I also love engaging with people and having a positive influence on our younger generations. 

I appreciate WSMC because it strives to create a safe, creative and nurturing environment for children to listen to their hearts and minds and develop the skills necessary to be caring and creative members of our community.  Being a member of the WSMC Board helps me support this school and the larger anthroposophical community in my area. I know that waldorf education can have many positive impacts on children during their schooling years and I want to support this school to offer a fulfilling and empowering education for the children of our community.


Kelly Austin - College of Teachers Representative

Ms. Austin teaches Class 5 and 6.  You can read her bio here.


Debra McCarthy - Faculty Representative

Ms. McCarthy teaches in Red Rose Kindergarten.  You can read her bio here.


Spring Senerchia - Ex-Officio

Spring is the school's Administrator.  You can read her bio here.


Emily Rose Smith - Treasurer

Bio Coming Soon


Nick Henry - At-Large


My parents were both in the Army, so my early childhood was spent all over. I was born in Virginia, which is where my parents were stationed at the time that they subsequently adopted me. From there, it was off to Japan, then Germany. We arrived back to the mainland to live in Valdosta, Georgia (where my dad is from) for a year and then drove cross-county, in my moms gold minivan, to California, where I have lived ever since.

After graduating from Ukiah Highschool in 2007, I went to Mendocino Junior College, where I graduated in 2010. From there, I transferred to UC Davis and graduated with a BA in Political Science. I am currently attending Empire School of Law with the hopes of obtaining my JD and becoming an attorney.

Currently I am working as a Law Clerk at a law firm in Ukiah. While it is one of the most challenging things I have ever done (of course nothing eclipses parenting), it is an amazing experience in which I am able to get my feet wet in the realm of law. It definitely helps that the people I work with are the best at what they do, and I couldn’t think of a better place to be employed.

I found I wanted to be a member of the board at WSMC so that I could give back to the school I have grown to care so much about. Seeing the impact that the school has had on my child in such a short time, inspired me to want to help and give back in any way I could.

The thing I appreciate the most about WSMC is the community that it attracts and the people associated with the school. Everyone is dedicated to making the children under their care the best possible little person they can be. That impact along is something that lasts a lifetime and is essential to the growth and advancement of our society.

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