Grades 1-8

The grade school years are critical in children’s intellectual and emotional development because so much is learned through the senses, the feelings, and the imagination.  With this idea in mind, the Waldorf Grades curriculum combines academic and artistic experiences that engage a child’s head, heart, and hands.  Handwork projects, such as knitting, modeling, and wood carving are basic elements of the curriculum that improve motor and intellectual skills while raising the children’s concentration, self-confidence, patience, and self-expression.

Each grade advances a special curriculum designed to deliver a developmentally appropriate academic challenge that is carefully integrated with academics, work in the arts, and extensive time spent in nature.  As children progress developmentally, the curriculum transforms to meet their changing inner requirements.

One of the greatest strengths of a Waldorf education is the class teacher.  In First Grade, children meet the teacher who remains with the class for up to eight years.  Because children learn and grow under the guidance of the same adult, the classroom atmosphere is one of familial comfort and trust.

Our hope is to provide a curriculum that will educate children in a supportive, creative manner and send them forth as compassionate, emotionally healthy, and confident individuals.