Seventy-eight percent of eligible WSMC families from last year returned to our school for the current year. In an effort to make the re-enrollment process easier for families, WSMC has launched Continuous Enrollment, eliminating the need for families to re-enroll each year. Continuous Enrollment is a once-and-for-all process. Once a Continuous Enrollment contract is signed, parents never have to re-enroll their children again (unless family plans change).

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no plans to change schools, and almost everybody comes back every year anyway. Can’t I just stay at WSMC until I notify the school otherwise?

Before now, re-enrollment was an “opt-in” program, which meant that WSMC annually asked every family, “Are you coming back?” Because of that arrangement, the vast majority of families were penalized, in a sense, by the necessity of annual re-enrollment. Last year, for instance, 78% of WSMC’s student body was retained. So EVERYONE had to go through re-enrollment for the sake of the 22% who, for one reason or another, left the school community.

Now, by signing a Continuous Enrollment contract, families will flip that script. Rather than an “opt-in” arrangement, re-enrollment will disappear and the arrangement will become an “opt-out” process. In other words, if families come back after signing a Continuous Enrollment contract, then they will never have to worry about re-enrolling again.

After this year, what will the “Enrollment Season” look like?

Once all of WSMC’s families are on the “Continuous Enrollment Program,” the typical re-enrollment season in March will simply be a snail-mail reminder from the office asking families who might be thinking about leaving our school to notify us before April 15, along with a notice of any increase in tuition cost for the coming year.

If last year is any indication, this change means that about 78% of WSMC families will have the convenience of reading the reminder letter and doing absolutely nothing!

I will be applying for TAP. What if I don’t know my tuition payment for next year?

When you complete and submit your Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) application and supporting documents by April 15, your student’s enrollment becomes contingent upon your acceptance of the TAP award. If the TAP award is not adequate and your family does not accept the TAP and chooses to withdraw, no fees will be due if written notice of withdrawal is given to the school office by May 31.

Is there an additional enrollment fee?

There is no additional enrollment fee. Tuition will be billed in ten monthly installments, beginning in July and ending in April, with the first payment due July 15, 2019. No tuition payments will be due in May or June.

What is the penalty if I break the Continuous Enrollment contract?

If a family chooses to withdraw a student(s) for the coming school year and notifies the office prior to April 15, there is no penalty! WSMC families who are enrolled but break the Continuous Enrollment contract by withdrawing a student after April 15 will be contractually obligated to pay an early withdrawal fee equal to six weeks’ tuition. While the penalty may seem steep, many schools require a semester or even a year of tuition once a family is enrolled for the following year. The deadline for withdrawal without a fee has historically been July 1.  WSMC is moving that date up to April 15.

So how is Continuous Enrollment different from last year’s Re-enrollment?

Under the traditional re-enrollment model, families signed new contracts and paid enrollment fees every year. Continuous Enrollment is a once-and-for-all process. Once a Continuous Enrollment contract is signed, parents will never have to re-enroll students again (unless family plans change). “Set it, and forget it!” In the event that things do change, however, families have until April 15 every year to simply notify the office and face absolutely no penalty.

Additionally, the historical enrollment fee will now be included in the tuition amount and spread over all payments, hopefully representing a convenience to families and making budgeting easier.

When will Continuous Enrollment Begin?

Continuous Enrollment commenced with contracts signed for the 2018/2019 school year.

Continuous Enrollment (CE) dates at a glance:

  • January 1: TAP applications may be submitted to TADS Financial Aid

  • February 28: Tuition for 2019/2020 posted to website and in office. Reminder of Continuous Enrollment terms sent to families

  • April 15: Deadline for notifying office of withdrawal with no monetary penalty

  • April 15: Deadline for submitting a complete TAP application with supporting documents

  • July 15: First month’s tuition due for 2019/2020