To truly know the world, look deeply within your own being;
to truly know yourself, take real interest in the world.
— Rudolf Steiner

Please make a contribution to WSMC’s Annual Giving campaign by sending a check to our mailing address or clicking a button below. Thank you for your support and generosity!

The Waldorf School of Mendocino County
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Calpella, CA 95418


Students Are a Gift to the World

Students at WSMC may live in the county seat, in a small rural town, or farther out, in the hills surrounding a town. Yet during the day, in class, they inhabit the whole world: studying and experiencing ancient cultures, natural sciences—geology, botany, astronomy—world history, geography, Spanish, music, art, mathematics, chemistry, physics, movement. At the end of the day, the air is filled with chatter reflecting what they’ve learned. At WSMC, students are receiving an education that prepares them to be responsible and engaged citizens of the world.

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In today’s world, when it can seem as though problems outpace solutions, the senses of hope and belonging that are engendered by teachers at WSMC can be essential for growing children, giving them a home within themselves and in the wide world that they will inherit.

Why Make a Gift?

Why does WSMC ask for an Annual Giving gift in addition to tuition?

Tuition and other income cover about 85% of the annual operating expenses of the school. Annual Giving bridges the emaining 15% gap. Our nonprofit operates without federal or state financial support, so that we can design our programs and curriculum, and remain self-governing. Unlike public schools, which are funded by tax dollars, independent schools rely solely on tuition revenues and philanthropic gifts to meet operating and capital expenses. Gifts to Annual Giving are tax deductible.

Why doesn’t WSMC simply raise tuition?

We value diversity at our school (economic and otherwise), so we keep tuition within reach of as many families as possible. We also provide a tuition adjustment program to assist those with demonstrated financial need.

How much am I expected to give?

We simply ask that WSMC become a top philanthropic priority for each family in our community. All families—regardless of the tuition assistance they receive—are asked to give an amount that is meaningful to them. Year after year, gifts range from under $100 to over $1000. Whenever possible, we suggest a donation of between five and ten percent of your annual tuition. This percentage apportions gifts equally amongst families in filling our monetary need. No matter the size, each and every gift is valued, and each contributes equally toward the goal of 100% participation.


Donated funds really do matter! When you give, we have funds for the following:

  • Teacher salaries (2018/19): $491,000

  • Financial Aid awards (2018/19): $41,000

  • Renovation of 100-year-old bathrooms (2016): $25,000

  • Replacement of 40-year-old student chairs (2018): $8,000

  • An office that accommodates all our staff (2016): $5,000

What’s next?

In addition to our ongoing operational costs, in the next year, WSMC anticipates the following needs:

  • Repair the floor and replace the carpet in our Rosebud Preschool classroom—$10,000

  • Repair and re-plaster the crumbling parts of the original building on this property, which is now WSMC's Kindergarten—$13,000

  • Build a new retaining wall—$10,000


You Are the Gift

As the brief financials included here suggest, there is an ongoing need for income beyond tuition. We depend on Annual Giving and our other fundraisers to maintain our buildings and overall campus infrastructure and to pay our dedicated employees decent salaries. Please give as generously as you can to help us meet our Annual Giving goal of $25,000. Please amplify your own giving by sharing our request with your circle of friends and family. We pledge to use your donation wisely and well.